Agenda and Documents for The Folkeliggjort Annual Meeting

The Folkeliggjort Annual Meeting at 17:00 on the 19th of January at Helga Engs hus (Sem Sælands vei 7, 0371 Oslo) room U35 and live on our Facebook Page is closing up. 

Here is the agenda and the relevant documents for the meeting. Instructions for how to find the correct room at Helga Engs hus can found in the meetings Facebook Event

  1. Consider the annual report
    The annual report is presented
  2. Consider the audited accounts
    The audited accounts are presented
  3. Consider submitted proposals
    Several proposals for bylaw-changes were submitted, we go through them and vote on whether or not we want to implement them. The board recommends that these changes are adopted.
  4. Determine the lower limit for volunteer members’ popularizing work
    Last year the yearly requirement was 20 hours. Those that don’t spend 20 hours on our association or other activities that serve to meet our purpose can be asked to convert to a paid membership or forfeit their membership. This is a formal way for us to be able to remove members and keep costs down.
  5. Determine dues
    Last year the dues were 0 kr for volunteer memberships, 200 kr for paid student and senior memberships, 500 kr for paid personal memberships and 2000 kr for business memberships
  6. Adopt budget
    The Board presents and the annual meeting adopts this years budget
  7. Election
    Board members and an auditor is elected. Any current or new member can apply in advance or during the meeting. The sitting board recommends the following members for the board:
    • Tobias Rade Evensen, for being a driving force in this association
    • Silje Øksland Krohne, for helping organize several members meetings last year and wanting to continue contributing to managing our association
    • Abygail Magallanes, for doing great work contributing to managing our association this last semester
    • Håvard Sanne-Halvorsen, for helping extend our professional network and acquire sponsorships this last semester
    • Fnnan Ghebreweldi, for agreeing to merge his service StudentLink with our association, an important step for “Studentdrevet studieplattform” and for reaching out to law students
    • Liv Iversen, for wanting to contribute to our association and help it succeed
    • Tanya Tong, for wanting to contribute to our association and help it succeed
  8. Plans for the semester
    The current plans for the semester are presented
  9. Anything else?
    If anyone has something they wish to share, we most likely want to hear it! Feel free to bring your own cases to the annual meeting even if you didn’t submit them in advance, while of course being respectful of everyone’s time. 
  10. Let’s hang out!
    We would love to hang out with you after the meeting. Perhaps the evening continues at the Board Game Night at Chateau Neuf? No matter if you choose to hang out with us afterwards or not, we hope you had a great time at our annual meeting!