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What You Need to Know About the HK Prize

If you’re looking to know more about the HK prize, you can read this article. It includes information about the shortlist, winners and HK prize other information about the prize. Also, you will learn about the HK prize resmi. It is an annual award that honors the work of emerging artists from Hong Kong.

Shortlist for the HK prize

The Hong Kong Prize for Human Rights Arts is a new award that aims to harness the power of the visual arts in order to advance human rights. The shortlist includes works by Hong Kong artists and foreigners in a variety of media. It includes topics such as forced labor homelessness, forced labour, and LGBT rights. The jury will look at these and other works to select the winner.

The shortlist includes three Hong Kong activists: Nathan Law (a prominent pro-democracy activist who is living in exile), Agnes Chow (imprisoned Uyghur scholar Ilham Tohti) and Agnes Chow (in prison). They are all prominent campaigners and activists who have sought political asylum in Britain. Nathan Law, a former member of the pro-democracy Demosisto Party was granted British political asylum last year. He was elected briefly to Hong Kong’s legislature but was disqualified for failing to take his oath correctly. This led to him being disqualified. fled before the passage of the national security law, which was a snare to many of his co-activists.

A panel of experts from around the world is responsible for the HK Prize for Art. Maria Balshaw, director of London’s Tate Gallery, Bernard Blistene director of Paris’ Centre Pompidou, Gong Yan director of Shanghai’s Power Station of Art and Suhanya Raffel executive director of the M+ Foundation are the judges. Each of the shortlisted artists will be awarded HK$100,000.

Winners of the HK prize

The HK prize winners were announced by the European Union Office in Hong Kong, Macau and Hong Kong. The European Union gives the award each year to foster creativity and innovation in Hong Kong or Macau. Terence Li, a filmmaker from Sri Lanka, was awarded the award for his short film “Self Portrait.” It’s about a young girl in Sri Lanka who has been denied for asylum multiple times. Magus Yuen Kamwa, a photographer, was awarded the prize for his photo of a flower in gas canisters. The powerful image speaks volumes about the rising tensions in Hong Kong in 2019 & 2020. Elva Lai, data pengeluaran hk Xyza Cruz Bacani, and others have been winners of this prize.

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The Future Science Prize is worth 60 million Hong Kong dollars and is given to those who make breakthroughs in mathematics, science and the treatment of hepatitis. The mathematics prize was awarded to Ngaiming Mok, a Hong Kong native who has contributed to the mathematical field. His innovations in the field of complex differential geometry as well as algebraic geometry have helped solve difficulties in the field.

hk prize data

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Resmi hk award

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hk prize modal awal mereka

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The judges of the HK prize weren’t informed about artists age, experience, gender, and nationality.

The “Colours of Humanity” Arts Prize (2022) announced six winners of 83 works submitted. The award recognizes established and new Hong Kong artists. It also recognizes community artists as well as members of the LGBTQI+ community.